My grand scheme for Broadway Square

When Amie and I went to Buenos Aires in February, we had dinner one Sunday night at a cute Italian restaurant in San Telmo, overlooking Plaza Dorrengo.

The weekly market with hundreds of vendors was over, and the local restaurants and bars had set up tables and chairs in the plaza. Near the far end of the square, dozens of people tangoed, and local musicians set up along the perimeter, playing drums and guitars.

I thought, 'Why doesn't Baltimore have something like this?' ...

Broadway Square in Fells Point would be an ideal location for it. Once a week on Sunday evenings, local restaurants could rent space in the square, set up tables and serve people there. An acoustic or jazz band could set up at the far end, and people could dance.

This could be a temporary thing, until the proposed Fells Point developments start. Anything would be better than the cruddy benches, bums and pigeons that currently litter the square.

I called Jason Sullivan at Fells Point Main Street and asked him what he thought of the idea.

"We think it's a fantastic idea," he said. "We've had discussions, especially with the Spanish businesses up Broadway, but part of it is the man power. If you start to do this stuff outside, businesses need to have staff outside as well as inside."

Baltimore can't get enough outside seating. Here's what I think they should do: Get a beer company to sponsor the tables and chairs and have the local restaurants all chip in a little for them. Then, divvy up the seating to the different bars and restaurants. They could ask a couple servers to pick up an extra Sunday evening shift, and they're all set.


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