Five Ways How Not to Run a Baltimore Bar

Sid's, a longstanding Pigtown bar, lost its license yesterday after a bizarre hearing involving video tapes and seemingly random violence.

The bar's owner, Tareq Abdul-Ghani, was accused of (and allegedly video taped) doing all sorts of bizarre, dangerous things. Did he do them or not? Depends on who you ask.

The bottom line is, Abdul-Ghani lost his license. After reading Sun reporter Brent Jones' article about the hearing (if you do anything today, read this piece), I have come up with Sam Sessa's Five Ways How Not to Run a Baltimore Bar. Here goes ...

5. Do not moon random people.

4. Do not run out in the middle of traffic after a Ravens game

3. Do not punch a dog.

2. Do not throw bottles and challenge your neighbors to a fight.

1. Do not stand there as a person at your bar shoots another person in the face and then refuse to cooperate with police.

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