Cal's statement in focus

If you've read Cal Ripken's statement about the controversy that bubbled up over the weekend -- which you can do by just scrolling down a bit -- you might have noticed a few things.

First, he rebutted one aspect of Ken Rosenthal's report Friday night about him supposedly offering his help to the beleaguered Orioles organization and allegedly being rebuffed by owner Peter Angelos. He denies only that Angelos told Cal that he did not want him to get too much credit if the team eventually turns around.

Nowhere in Ripken's statement, however, does he deny offering to join the front office and nowhere does he address whether the team refused any offer of help. That seems significant to me because it leaves open the possibility that he suggested some role with the team and was told that the timing of his return to the organization would not be right. From that, you could surmise all sorts of reasons why the Orioles wouldn't be ready to welcome him back in the midst of a horrible season-opening slump -- one of which would be the possibility of him getting undue credit when the team turned around.

Angelos already has been quoted denying that Cal asked for a job or was rejected. Cal's statement seems to leave open the possibility that a job in the organization could be forthcoming fairly soon.

This soap opera is far from over.

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