Tea sandwiches and lap dances

I'm steering clear of politics. Honest. Sticking strictly to food.

Which is why I want to know: Just what did the Republican National Committee order last month to rack up a $2,000 tab at the West Hollywood bondage club Voyeur?

News reports on RNC spending haven't gotten into the food. But after a little digging, I've turned up something stunning, something that proves the GOP still stands for stuffy, old-fashioned values even as it blows two grand at a girl-on-girl strip joint.

Voyeur serves cucumber tea sandwiches.

That's according to an old promotional bit still on the Web. (Thanks, Google cache!)

"VOYEUR’s signature cocktail menu includes sugar–free, all organic creations including watermelon jalapeno, blueberry mint and cucumber olive shots," it says. "Guests will enjoy simple, small-bite hors d'oeuvres from Chef Micah Wexler (formerly from Craft), including smoked salmon and cucumber tea sandwiches, prime beef sliders and a signature crispy shrimp cocktail." 

A review on BizBash.com sheds a little more light on the menu.

"For events, menu options include tray-passed hors d'oeuvres like roasted figs, yellowtail tartare, and risotto balls; appetizer stations like hummus and babaganoush with pita, artisanal cheeses with crackers, and a raw fish bar; and entrees like roasted leg of lamb and steamed Atlantic salmon," it says.

By the size of the tab, and the vibe of the place, I'm guessing the RNC skipped the dainty sandwiches went with the raw bar. 


Sun photo by Lloyd Fox

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