A couple hungry, lazy vegetarians

A Dining@Large reader writes:

"This is really lame but it’s authentic. My wife’s birthday is coming up and I’d like to take her out for a nice dinner. We’re vegetarians.

"Lurker" -- he works with the Dining@Large lurker who put me onto Pigs' Feet Yat Gaw Mein -- "suggested Woodberry Kitchen, which sounds very Northern California. (We’re big fans of Northern California.) But its online menu is light on vegetarian entrees (specifically, one).

"The other option I’ve come up with is Great Sage in Clarksville. Not particularly convenient and they don’t take reservations for parties under five, which irritates me. But we’ll probably make the schlep.

"Unless you care to nag your readers for suggestions."

OK, gang. Consider yourself nagged.

Vegetarian adds: "Oh, the other upscale place we discarded is the Ambassador Dining Room (we go there a lot, meaning once a year for the last two years)."

UPDATE: I went back to Vegetarian to clarify just how hard-core veg he and Mrs. Vegetarian are. He said no fish or fish sauce. But they're not vegan, so dairy and eggs are OK.

I asked Vegetarian where he and his wife live, so readers can consider the schelp factor.

His reply: "Technically Lake-Walker, which [Sun real estate reporter] Jamie Hopkins targeted as a top-10 underrated neighborhood recently. (BFD.) It’s below Towson, in the city, east side of York Rd. at Lake Ave."

He added that he's leaning toward Great Sage, schelp or no schlep.

"We’ve been wanting to try Great Sage for a while. It’s just that we’re old and lazy and 45 minutes one-way is a drag."

Can you help the guy out?

Oaxacan Enchiladas and Great Sage Lasagna at Great Sage. Sun photo by Elizabeth Malby

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