On those Federal Hill poseurs

Federal Hill Jim writes to say just because a pizzeria calls itself LedoFedHill on Twitter doesn't mean the joint's actually located in Federal Hill.

In response to my post on the restaurant's use of Twitter to rehome stray pizzas, Jim writes:

"As Elizabeth discovered, and I'm surprised you haven't in your other column, people in this town are very neighborhood conscious. It's particularly sensitive in parts of South Baltimore because the real estate peddlers have stretched the 'boundaries' of Federal Hill almost to the Middle Branch, as a means of jacking up prices.

"Now other businesses are playing the same game. That Ledo is in Locust Point, an admirable neighborhood with a strong sense of identity that's as far from Federal Hill you can get on the South Baltimore peninsula."

I'm sure Jim's right, but can you blame LedoFedHill for not wanting to bill itself as LedoLoPoint?

"Federal Hill, as defined in its neighborhood association charter, is bounded by Key Highway/Hughes Street on the north, the Key Highway waterfront on the east, Cross Street on the south and Hanover Street on the west."

Maybe we need less Twitter, more old-fashioned maps.


Sun photo by Amy Davis

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