Leftover pizza -- there's an app for that

I'm not totally convinced that Twitter is a sign of a healthy society. I mean, do we really need to know what everyone is doing RIGHT NOW?

But Ledo Pizza in Federal Hill Locust Point may just convert me. Twitter, it seems, is the killer app for stray pizzas.

"Anyone want a free medium pepperoni & sausage pizza that no one picked up? 2 hours old but should heat up lovely," LedoFedHill Tweeted at 2:03 p.m. on March 4.

"chicken, meatballs & anchovies. (don't ask) FREE to the 1st person that comes in for it!"
reads a tweet the next day.

Ledo manager Tim Trolinger has been tweeting for the restaurant for about six months but only recently started using the outlet to help homeless pizzas.

"It just came to me about a week ago," he said. "I had a pizza sitting there that somebody had not picked up for about an hour and a half."

Pies that get made by mistake, or get ordered but never get picked up, all find good homes now. (They used to get offered to customers coming into the shop or to staff, so they didn't really go to waste. But he said tweeting has been a fun way to get more people into the pizzeria.)

Twitter followers have rushed in to grab the free pies. Trolinger tweets as soon as the pizzas are claimed so those still in pursuit know they're too late.

Until now, Trolinger has mostly tweeted about restaurant specials. Not to mention general musings, like this: "Are they really going to put a Lingerie Football League team in #Baltimore? For the record, I support the concept."

I'd say free pizza alerts are a step in the right direction.


Sun photo by Doug Kapustin

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