Can "Alice in Wonderland" be too 3-D?

My daughter has always been a huge fan of "Alice in Wonderland." We even made it the theme of her sixth birthday party. The highlight was when my husband dressed as the White Rabbit and passed out Easter eggs, then was chased madly through the party by a pack of guests who wanted to know who was in the costume.

It's a little traumatic for my daughter to think about, even three years later.

But she still loves the story, so I was a little surprised at her lackluster response when I asked whether she was interested in seeing the Tim Burton version of the movie that will be out this weekend.

I got the same kind of reaction when I suggested the tricked-out version of "A Christmas Carol" last holiday season. The kids were just as happy to stay home with us and watch a classic, black-and-white "Christmas Carol" on TV.

I wonder if my kids are outliers, or whether they're actually on to something. Are the tricks of the new versions of classic tales actually robbing them of their power to stimulate the imagination? Is it more fun for a child to watch a stripped-down movie that lets the story shine through?

(Courtesy Disney Enterprises, Inc./MCT)

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