THE (midnight sun) SITUATION

I have decided on a name for the next Midnight Sun get together:

THE (midnight sun) SITUATION

So it was written. So it shall be done.

You know what that means? It means we're about to have a situation on our hands. OH SNAPS!

I'm looking at Thursdays in April as potential dates for the social. What Thursday would work best for everybody?

I'm also going to put out another round of Best of the Best of the Best awards. Hold onto your knickers! I'm open to suggestions for silly categories ...

Also, I have visited and ruled out Elliott's as a potential spot for the party. It's a cool corner bar, but it's just too small for a get-together. Or maybe my ego is too large. You pick.

I'll nail down the location asap. In the meantime, I need Best of the Best of the Best Award suggestions.


Sam Sessa

P.S. -- Today, in honor of Owl Meat, I'm listening mostly to Phil Collins.

(Photo from the Midnight Sun Soiree at Idle Hour by Courtney Block)

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