"Designer salt" coming to a potato chip near you

We've had designer jeans. Designer diaper bags. Now, designer salt.

"Later this month ... PepsiCo Inc. plans to start churning out batches of a secret new ingredient to make its Lay's potato chips healthier," the Wall Street Journal reports. "The ingredient is a new 'designer salt' whose crystal crystals are shaped and sized in a way that reduces the amount of sodium consumers ingest when they munch. PepsiCo hopes the powdery salt, which it is still studying and testing with consumers, will cut sodium levels 25% in its Lay's Classic potato chips."

Sergio Vitale, owner of Aldo's Ristorante Italiano in Little Italy, alerted me to the article. He's skeptical.

"I guarantee you this new salt will eventually be deemed 'bad for your health,' just like margarine," he said. "Food developed in a test tube is not food."


Salt made the old-fashioned way -- solar evaporation of sea water -- in Mexico. Getty Images

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