How worried are you about Brian Roberts?

OK, we kind of all saw this coming, didn't we?

 All-Star second baseman reports to spring training camp, mentions he has a bad back, a general fan freak-out ensues and the club hastens to put out the word that it's no big deal, the player should be 100 per cent in no time.

 Except in Brian Roberts case, it hasn't worked out that way, has it? Now the herniated disk in Robert's back has him shut down until at least Thursday. And GM Andy MacPhail is admitting the coub is concerned Roberts might not be healthy to start the season.

 So that's today's question, Orioles fans and bar-flies: how concerned are YOU about Brian Roberts' back problem?

He hasn't played a game all spring. And he's gotten sick from the medication he took to control the swelling in the disk. Is it time to panic about this guy, or what?And is is time for the Orioles to enact Plan B and start looking around for -- gulp -- a replacement at second base?Or are we here at Connolly's Corner hole-in-the-wall over-reacting to the whole thing?Sure, we'll occasionally plead guilty to that. Daily Think Special: How worried are you about Brian Roberts health?

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