Megadeth show rescheduled for tonight due to technical difficulties

Details are still murky at this point, but some kind of serious technical difficulty forced thrash metal gods Megadeth to scrap last night's sold-out show at Rams Head Live.

The band had to stop playing after a few songs, leaving more than a thousand concertgoers more than a little unhappy.

All is not lost, though -- Megadeth has booked a makeup gig tonight for all the folks who had tickets to last night's ill-fated show ...

"They're going to do a show tonight for the people who bought tickets last night, and do it for free, which is cool," said Mark Mangold, who handles booking for the Power Plant Live club.

Mark promised to update us tomorrow when he finds out exactly what went wrong at yesterday's show. Meanwhile, if you had tickets to last night's show, you can still see the band tonight.

(Press photo of Megadeth from 1997 courtesy of Capitol Records)

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