McCrary to work with pass rushers

Former Ravens Pro Bowl defensive end Michael McCrary has publicly stated several times that he will be a volunteer coach with the team at various times before the 2010 season. McCrary will probably work with defensive linemen and outside linebackers on their pass-rushing techniques.

A lot of teams have coaches who specialize in that area or bring in specialists like McCrary. One Raven eager to work with McCrary is outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, who had his worst season as a pro last year.

"I've worked with him before earlier in my career, and he taught me some of his old tricks," said Suggs. "I look forward to getting out there with him again. I'm sure he will be able to teach me some things."

One key point for Suggs will be learning how to work and use his hands as a pass rusher. Basically, Suggs has always used speed, but head coach John Harbaugh wanted him around the complex this offseason to learn more moves while also using power and leverage.

-- Mike Preston

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