Laser tag still exists. How awesome is that?

Zap! Zap zap ziggity zap!

I'm talking about Laser Tag, of course. Remember Laser Tag? The game where you had guns and tried to hit other people with beams of light?

It's back. En masse.

Sun reporter Chris Kaltenbach has all the details in this story, which ran in today's paper. Check this part out:

Nationwide, there are some 760 facilities that offer laser tag, either exclusively or as part of a larger facility; that's up from about 560 in 2004, according to figures provided by the International Laser Tag Association.

The International Laser Tag Association? Baaaaahahahaha!!! ...

According to Chris' story, two new Laser Tag centers have recently opened in the Baltimore area. And Laser Tag is flush:

The group estimates they account for about $217 million in revenue a year in North America, based on an average of 2.75 million laser tag "experiences" every month.

Wow. Where do I sign up?

I was a kid back when Laser Tag took the world by storm.

Since we lived in the boonies, far away from any signs of civilization, let alone Laser Tag, Mom and Pops bought us this home Laser Tag setup. Everybody wore a laser-sensitive badge on their chest, and your opponents tried to zap it. Oh, the fun we had.

Just wait -- 30 years from now I'll have some terrible brain tumor from all the lasers beamed into my body.

Guess I better make the most of the time I've got left ... by playing Laser Tag!

(Baltimore Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam)

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