Has infused vodka jumped the shark?

I was cool with fruit vodka. Bacon vodka too.

But snake blood vodka? Made with the blood of a real snake? To borrow a phrase from Dining@Large: Gack!

The super duper cool trend of soaking something in vodka has gone a little too far, gang. Midnight Sunner Alexander D. Mitchell IV sent me a link to this list of eight wacky infused vodkas, which starts with hot dog vodka (barf) and ends on Pickle Vodka.

As someone who mildly enjoys pickle backs, I see the logic behind pickle-infused vodka. And I'm gleefully amused by Skittles Vodka (pictured), because I'm sure this dude has a batch brewing at home.

But horseradish vodka? Come on. What am I supposed to do with that? Dunk shrimp in it? Prank my friends? ...

For me, the end-game is the snake blood vodka. It's apparently some kind of Vietnamese delicacy, that, in my book, ranks right up there with chilled monkey brains. But wait -- it gets better. According to the site:

And, rumor has it, special guests are provided with the snakes beating heart as a sweet follow-up to the beverage.

Sounds like a stretch to me. I mean, why would the heart still be beating? Unless it was ripped out of the snake by our buddy from Indiana Jones. KALI MAAAAAAA!

Typically, I love unnecessary things. This, however, is over the line. 

(Photo courtesy of asylum.com)

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