Celebrity Apprentice: Who wants to be fired?

Another week, another two hour episode begins.... and Bret is still whining. "A few members of the team are definitely shutting me out," he tells the camera. Wah! Who knew rock stars were such pout-y babies?

We cut to Maria giving her winnings from last week to a sweet Make a Wish kid. (A sick kid that, by the way, comes across as a whole lot mature and endlessly less whiny than Bret. Go figure.)

This week's challenge: Companies Norton and Life Lock are teaming up to introduce a new online identity theft prevention product. The teams must create a four-page magazine advertorial to tout it up. But before Trump announces the challenge, he asks Blago if the Gov thought he made the right decision in firing Sinbad last week. The Gov fumbles and stumbles around, saying nothing for about 30 seconds. It's really amazing someone got elected to lead Illinois who can't even cough up the answer to a yes or no question. His awkwardness and nerd-o-sity are almost hard to watch. (Almost.)

Tenacity talks first with the company execs about their assignment. Cyndi babbles and wastes valuable time. The other women, Sharon and Summer in particular, find it funny, but not in a good way. Rock Solid, up next, gets a heavy dose of Bret who's basically pulling a Cyndi -- heavy yapping. Michael Johnson knows he's got his work cut out for him managing the eyelinered loose cannon. Summer is product manager for the women. One of her first leadership calls is vetoing Maria's suggestion that Cyndi star in the adverteriol. Summer wants to say she looks like too much of a freak for a mainstream campaign but can't quite get out the words. She calls Cyndi "too extraordinary" and tags Sharon instead. Sharon -- who can't utter a sentence with out the noun and verb being four-letter words....

Michael Johnson picks Curtis to be spokesperson because "the cooking thing is hot right now." Blago wanted more discussion.... Why? Who knows -- he blabs to the camera something about a bill he helped passed while in office. Huh?

Bret also thinks Curtis doesn't look like a guy who'd protect your personal identity.

At Tenacity, there's more complaining -- by Summer -- about Cyndi. Summer sends her on an out-of-office erand with Maria. Even Sharon doesn't think that was cool. "Get off your high horse, you're not perfect, and shut the &%$# up," Sharon tells the camera she'd like to tell Summer. 

At Rock Solid, Blago can't use the computer. He can't even turn it on. And he's on an tech-related campaign??? Oy! "There's got to be something there cause he got to be governor of Illinois," Michael Johnson puzzles. Blago might be retarded.

The ad photographer comes to Tenacity. Summer can't explain what she wants him to do. "I can't follow your direction if you don't give it to me," he tells her. "So what you're telling me is I haven't given it to you?" she say. Oy!

Maria and Cyndi are pissed that Summer picked Selita to be art director. Cyndi makes a smooshy face and gets $100 off on a rug. She's done the first valuable thing for the team, it seems. 

Back at Rock Solid, they're marveling that Blago can't even type. They send him, a la Cyndi, on an "errand" with Darryl Strawberry. Strawberry tells the camera it's hard for him to function like a normal 9-5 working person because he's a celebrity. At least he's honest.

Trump's son comes to visit Tenacity and Summer still can't explain their concept. Mainly because there is no concept. Summer knows it, too. They go back to the drawing board and make Sharon The Protector, shooting her for the ad looking fierce in a black jacket.

The focus of Rock Solid's ad is split between Michael, Goldberg and Curtis. Darryl thinks his role is to order pizza and sit on the sidelines and watch. He struggles to hold back a big yawn. With a man hug, Goldberg gets his chest shine cream (or whatever the oily stuff he smears on himself is) all over Michael's nice shirt. Heh.

Michael checks out Bret's design he's working on (with a designer that he's shamelessly hitting on) and realizes it's not an advertorial. Bret's a bit miffed he's gotta re-do. Gavin, who's in charge of checking on Rock Solid for Trump, thinks the ad is too word-heavy.

Tenacity is rushing. Shoving stuff into the ad on bigtime deadline. Holly is in charge of assembling this presentation and responsible for the last minute push. The men seem to be rushing, too. Michael Johnson is really taking charge and seems to be making tough calls and keeping the guys focused and on track. Though if the thing doesn't work, he could be in trouble.... which is a shame cause he seriously seems to have his act together.

It's time for the men's presentation. Curtis seems to be charming the execs. Bret still thinks there's too much copy. 

At Tenacity's show, Summer seems to suddenly know her stuff ... though the computer doesn't work. Oops! Anyway, there's hardly any words in the girl's spread. It's more ad than advertorial. And Sharon coughs and swears in front of the execs. 

The execs tell Trump that they'd have to do major changes on both ads to actually use them. We skip to the boardroom:

Michael tells Trump Blago was his worst player. Summer says she loved her team.... but immediately tosses Cyndi under the bus for telling stories that are just too "awesome" and wasting everyone's time. Cyndi is seriously over Summer's passive aggressive shtick. 

The men are dinged for being too verbose in their ad. The women meanwhile are too empty. But the women win. Two weeks in a row. Summer gets $20,000 and a portion of the sales of the Norton thing for her charity, which is Right to Play. 

Michael admits he was the one who wanted all of the words. Trump questions the selection of Curtis as the main spokesguy. Michael stands behind that call, too. Michael calls Rod the weakest player again, but says he's not the reason the team lost. Blago thinks he should have been more on the creative end than running errands. Blago tells Trump to fire Michael. Bret agrees. Darryl would fire...himself! Wha? Darryl must have something to do back at home...And this pretending to work like regular people is tiresome. Even for charity.

Darryl wants to be fired! And so he is.

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