A fistful of Bacon Pop, or, 'What's that smell?'

A couple months ago, someone (maybe pets blogger Jill?) gave me a bag of Bacon Pop.

That's right -- bacon-flavored popcorn. 

Individually, I love popcorn and bacon with almost religious fervor. But how would they taste together? 

Too afraid to find out, I let the bag be. Then Editor Amanda spotted it, and said, 'Mark might like that.'

You may remember Mark from such posts as this one, from last year's Virgin Mobile FreeFest. Mark's an adventurous guy. He lives on the edge. Or in Brewer's Hill. One of the two.

About an hour ago, Mark fired up the microwave. The smell hasn't gone away yet. I think the newsroom may be on the verge of mutiny ...

"Did someone put a tire in the microwave?," one coworker asked.

"Ugh, what is that?" another wondered.

Meanwhile, Mark munched. I tried some, too. Bacon Pop doesn't really taste like bacon. Well, maybe there's a vague hint of it, like when you cook bacon in a skillet but don't properly wash it, and the next thing you cook in the skillet kind of tastes like bacon. KnowwhatI'msaying?

In short, Bacon Pop is all scent. To which I say, 'Boo, bacon pop. Booooo.'

Mark seems to like it, though. 

(Photo of Mark giving Bacon Pop butterfly kisses by me)

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