A chance for thunder later today

Not counting thundersnow, this forecast would be the first this year for thunderstorms in Central Maryland. And a bit of flash and bang might spice up what is otherwise a pretty dreary day.

We've recorded 0.27 inch of rain so far here at The Sun. Showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast right into Tuesday as a low-pressure system drifts over our heads today and tonight. Once it gets past us, high pressure will begin to move in and dry things out. But we may not see the benefits - in sunshine - until late Tuesday and Wednesday.

The heavier showers and thunderstorms - if they develop later today - should be brief. But they could drop a quarter-inch of rain or more on isolated locations.

Behind the storms, we'll see a cold front pass by tonight, and with it will come drier air. Out in the western counties, above 3,000 feet or so, they could see some snow showers.

There's sunshine on tap for Wednesday and Tursday, with highs still 10 degrees above the seasonal norms, in the low- to mid-60s. By week's end, though, we're looking at more showers and cooler temperatures, in the 50s.

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