A brief look at Maryland's road ahead

*The team planned to take off Sunday and Monday -– returning to practice Tuesday afternoon -– to allow players to recover from a stretch of games that included the emotional win over No. 4 Duke on Wednesday followed by Saturday’s 74-68 victory at Virginia. I anticipate Maryland getting to Greensboro in time to practice down there on Wednesday for the ACC tournament.

*Georgia Tech is positioned for a possible rematch of its buzzer-beating loss at Maryland on Feb. 20. The seventh-seeded Yellow Jackets would first have to beat tenth-seeded North Carolina -- it has already defeated the Tar Heels twice – on Thursday night in order to advance to face the Terps, who have a first-round bye.

If you want to look ahead, Maryland -- if it wins -- could encounter third-seeded Florida State on Saturday. Or the Terps could meet sixth-seeded Clemson or 11th-seeded NC State.

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