These Terps among Cottle's best ever

It's a question I'm often asked: Are the Terps for real?  Yep, they are legitimate. I've watched them play twice in person, and they keep getting better every week. The Terps, especially on the offensive end, seem to have found their niche and know their roles. They pass extremely well, especially to the back or weak side.  Attackman Travis Reed is a good finisher on the left side, while Grant Catalino is a great shooter on the right and a good passer in extra-man situation. Ryan Young can make things happen at X.  Maryland is building a strong flow of midfielders paced by Jake Bernhardt, Michael Shakespeare, Bryn Holmes and John Haus. Overall, Maryland is playing with a lot of poise and confidence. This might be coach Dave Cottle's best team ever at Maryland.

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