Where should we hold the next Midnight Sun throwdown?

It's time.

Time, methinks, for all of us to carelessly cast off our inhibitions and drink until someone somewhere does something silly. That someone will probably be me.

What I'm saying is, I'm itching for another Midnight Sun swill-fest. But where should we hold it? We've done South Baltimore, Mount Vernon and Fells Point. To me, that says we should be eying Canton or -- gasp -- somewhere in the 'burbs.

Thoughts? ...

And let's not forget the just-as-important task of naming it. We've had the Midnight Sun Social (pictured), Shindig and Soiree. I'm running out of S-words that mean party.

I put "party" into thesaurus.com and was given this list of adjectives:

affair, amusement, at-home, ball, banquet, barbecue, bash, blowout, carousal, carousing, celebration, cocktails, coffee klatch, coming-out, dinner, diversion, do, entertainment, feast, festive occasion, festivity, fete, fun, function, gala, get-together, luncheon, movable feast, orgy, prom, reception, riot, shindig, social, soiree, splurge, spree, tea 

I think "orgy" and "tea" are probably not the best idea, and I have no idea what a "coffee clatch" is. Ideally, I'd like the event to be something like this.


(Photo by Alexander D. Mitchell IV)

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