What, pray tell, is a snot rag?

Kids these days, blowing their snot into a rag and then wearing it like a hat.


Back in my day, we ain't use no rags -- we blew our snot into our hands, and shook hands with other folks, like gentlemen.

But oh no ... these kids just can't be stopped. It's such a terrible issue, Dead Freddie's went and made a rule about it. It's on their Official Dress Code.

Seriously, does not knowing what a snot rag is make me an old geezer? I feel like one.

To better understand the snot rag culture, I looked up the term on Urban Dictionary (witness). ...

There, a snot rag is defined as "handkerchief; tissue; kleenex"


"Common slang in western militaries for tissue paper or any paper used to wipe a nose. Reflects the fact that tissue paper in the military was often just really crappy quality toliet paper."


So, Dead Freddie's must be having trouble with members of the western military and their poor quality tissues. Yes, I see where that can be troublesome. Ban snot rags first and ask questions later, I say! Better yet, don't even ask, and I won't even tell.

(Photo by me)

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