What beers would you like to see on tap at Don't Know?

Jason Zink and the rest of the crew at Don't Know Tavern are almost finished adding another draft tower at the South Baltimore bar. (A draft tower is a rack of taps.)

The new taps will bring Don't Know's grand total to 18 draft beers -- possibly making it the bar with the most taps in the neighborhood (sorry, Taps).

Zink has three of the six new spots filled already, and he's up in the air about the other three. That's why he e-mailed me, asking for your suggestions.

What beers would you like to see on tap at Don't Know? Here is the current draft list ...

Now on tap:

1. Miller Lite
2. Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat
3. Peroni
4. Pilsner Urquell
5. Sam Adams Seasonal
6. Guinness
7. Harp
8. Magic Hat Seasonal
9. Dogfish
10. Newcastle
11. Sierra Nevada
12. Blue Moon Seasonal

Beers Zink wants to add:

13. Heineken
14. Amstel Light
15. Dos Equis Amber
16. ?
17. ?
18. ?

"I would love to add Resurrection but I am still on Brewer's Art's waiting list after 5 years, unless Volker wants to take pity on my soul and allow me to carry his beers," he wrote.

Personally, I'd lobby for Clipper City Loose Cannon, or another beer in the Heavy Seas line.

Any ideas, gang?

(Photo by Mary Hartney)

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