What are Federal Hill's best/worst bars?

Midnight Sun guest columnist Todd Schaefer sent me this post about the best and worst Federal Hill bars. I like how he breaks it into five different questions.

As a frequenter of many Federal Hill bars, I'm always curious to hear how people perceive different local watering holes.

A place that I might love, you might hate for the same reasons. What appeals to you? A place that's quiet and never crowded, or a bar that's literally bouncing to the beat of DJ Pauly D's set?

With all that in mind, I pose the following question to you, the Midnight Sun readers: In your opinion, what Federal Hill bar is most likely to: ...

1. Have the best chance of meeting an attractive person of the opposite sex?

2. Have, on average, the cheapest drinks, specials and food?

3. Be the most annoying?

4. Give you free drinks?

5. Be the one bar you’d go to if all others closed?

For the sake of narrowing the bars down some, we'll limit the Fed Hill bar area bordered by East Hamburg Street to the north, Hanover Street on the West, Light Street on the East and Fort Avenue to the South.

For me, it depends on the night and the motive as to which bar I might visit or avoid. However, I do have my favorites as well as those places that I just can't stand to be in for more than five minutes. 

Now it's time for you to weigh in.

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