The anti-Valentine's Day post

In today's column, guest poster Owl Meat lashes out against the V-Day industry. Give in to your anger, Owl Meat:

Romance and love are great, but Valentine's Day is fake and should be scorned.

All Hallmark holidays should be mocked, dishonored and set on fire. In that spirit, I invite everyone to submit any events or places that are having anything like an anti-Valentine's Day event, promotion, or inclination.

I got the idea at Bad Decisions during Zombie Survival Happy Hour recently when someone proposed it, but I don't know if the idea got any traction. Hint, hint. ...

What better way for jaded hipsters to share their cynical awesomeness? As far as I know doesn't exist ... yet.

Here’s a great website on the same subject: Unhappy Hipsters (via Richard Gorelick).

Listen up bar owners: Happy people, happy couples don't drink themselves into a cash register-swelling stupor. Here is your marketing bonanza – hipster misery squads. If you pour it, they will come.

P.S. Baby, I'm sorry. I love you. This was just something I wrote. Really. Come on, why you gotta be like that? Aw, really? Noooo, not my Buzzcocks t-shirt. Put down the bleach! Oh, noooooo. That's it, we're broken up.

Now we end with a song. The Heartbreakers (not those Heartbreakers) offer a tender love song about the mercurial nature of love. Rage on, Richard Hell.

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