Snow damaged trees: send us your pictures

Photo credit: Baltimore Sun/Susan Reimer

We should have wrapped.

We should have pruned.

But we didn't do either one, and now we are in trouble.

We've been talking this week about snow damage to trees, shrubs and ornamentals. And the frustration of professionals trying to get to damaged trees before they fall on cars, houses and power lines.

We haven't had snow like this in Maryland since they started keeping records somewhere in the 1800s, so I think we can be forgiven for not planning better.

It seems clear that we all should have staked our delicate conifers and then wrapped them in burlap. We should have done the same for our shrubs and ornamentals. I don't know if my hydrangeas will ever be the same.

When it comes to our hollies, magnolias and giant evergreens, we should have done some judicious pruning to stabilize the strength of the trees and to remove branches that were just hanging out there, inviting trouble.

Yeah, well, we didn't do any of those things. And now the birds are coming home to roost...well, maybe not in any of THOSE trees.

When you go out to assess the damage, take a picture and send it to Garden Variety at

We will put them up for all to see, and share in your pain and disappointment. After all, misery loves company.

In the meantime, do what you can with a broom. Brush as much of the snow off as you can.

(That may work for my Nellie Stevens holly, but I can't even see where my shrubs were.

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