Same-sex politics

In perhaps the opening salvo of the “sex wars” that observers say Attorney General Doug Gansler's controversial gay-union opinion could instigate, budding politician Justin M. Towles decided to make a public stand in support of the state's AG.

Hours after Gansler issued an opinion that Maryland should honor same-sex marriages perfromed out-of-state, Towles' foe, conservative Republican Del. Don Dwyer called for Gansler to be impeached.

Towles, an Anne Arundel County Democrat, criticized the incumbent saying Dwyer’s call for impeachment both “unstatesman-like” and “radical.”

“This is yet another example of how Delegate Dwyer's extremist views divert attention and crucial resources from the real problems facing Marylanders, and continue to isolate the 31st District from mainstream policy discussions,” wrote Towles.

Dwyer, who opposes gay unions, says that Gansler should not have issued a fresh opinion because the Attorney General’s office in 2004 wrote an advisory letter that said out-of-state same sex-marriages should not be accepted here. With no change in Maryland law since that date, Dwyer says, there should not have been a new opinion.

** UPDATE: Del. Dwyer responded, saying he'd like to debate Towles and the other two Democrats in the race. See comments below.  

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