NWS: Storm totals now 20 to 30 inches

Things seem to be heading in the wrong direction again this afternoon.

First, the National Weather Service has upped its estimates of the total snow accumulations once this storm finally ends tonight. Instead of the 10 to 20 inches they've been warning about for two days, forecasters have just upped the ante to 20 to 30 inches for Baltimore and its suburbs.

UPDATE: BWI is reporting 11.9 inches at 1 p.m. That makes 41.6 inches of snow so far this month. That breaks the record of 40.5 inches, set in February 2003, making this the snowiest February, and the snowiest month, since snow records began here in 1883. 

UPDATED UPDATE: At 4 p.m., BWI reported 16.9 inches of new snow from this storm. Added to the 60.4 inches that fell earlier this season, Baltimore is now at 77.3 inches for the season - more than four times the annual average. It is the snowiest winter, snowiest February (46.6 inches) , snowiest month on record for the city. 

Winds this afternoon will blow at 25 to 35 mph, with gusts as high as 55 mph. Those are gale-force winds, and these are blizzard conditions we are experiencing (although it may take a little time for Sterling to verify whether the conditions persisted long enought to make this, officially, another blizzard).

And, because of these powerful winds, they say, we should expect snow to blow into 3- to 5-foot drifts (up from 2 to 4). I think I can see that much in the drifts on my neighbors' roofs. 

Baltimore does really seem to be in the bullseye on this one, along with points to our north and east. I suspect we will soon be reading of some amazing weather in Philly, New Jersey and New York City.

For Washington, the expectation is closer to 8 to 16 inches of snow by the time the snow ends, with 2- to 4-foot drifts. Pikers.

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