Is Kate Gosselin's new TLC series DOA?

After laying very low for the past few weeks, Kate Gosselin has surfaced in a couple of tabloid photos taken near her home. One shows her at a supermarket parking lot in a baseball hat with her new hair extensions looking like they are taking on a life of their own. A second image shows her heading in for a manicure -- again near her home, not in New York or Los Angeles.

What matters is what we are not seeing: anything meaningful about Kate's new show.

Which leads me to the poll question of the day. I am starting to believe that TLC does not have a new show for Kate that the channel is comfortable with. I think they shot a pilot for her working different jobs, and it bombed with test groups. Then they floated the premise of a dating show, and the Internet yawned.

The question: Do you think something is going on with TLC NOT putting Kate in the news and not putting out anything concrete about her new show? It was supposed to debut in March, and it is already February and hardly a peep following the pilot taping in North Carolina with Kate as a waitress. The only thing since has been the dating show trial balloon and the hair extensions.

Am I overstating the case or am I right to wonder about no firm information as to what the show will be about or when it will launch? And this void comes after all the hustling TLC did to keep her in the tabloid eye prior to that North Carolina taping.

Kate Gosselin is really starting to feel like history. Do you think we will ever see a new series starring Kate? And if one is made, do you think TLC will make any kind of meaningful commitment to it -- or just puit it out there for a brief run to save face? Is Kate Gosselin through now that she can't have her kids on the air?

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