In search of swanky spots

I knew Midnight Sunner Evan was a classy fellow -- but this classy? As it turns out, Evan is quite the jet-setter, sipping cocktails at a swanky event at the Pratt. On with the tale, Evan!

Despite the rather foul weather this past Saturday, the Pratt Contemporaries hosted their 3rd anniversary celebration at the Enoch Pratt Free Library (400 Cathedral St.) with a highfalutin masquerade.

For a mere $45 the celebration included complimentary masks, open bar, catered hors d'oeuvres, a silent auction and a DJ spinning dance tunes.

Needless to say, with Black & White attire required, everyone was looking fantastic. ...

Not only was everyone looking fantastic, but might I say (as is kind of the point of this post in the first place) that the Enoch Pratt is an equally fantastic venue for an event.

With its marble floors, immensely high ceiling and general elegance I'm actually kind of surprised that the lobby isn't used more often for such things.

Which gets me to thinking: what are some of the nicest places in the city to have a swanky cocktail party that you might not normally think would have one?

I mean, "The Library" wouldn't have been my first thought.

Obvious answers like The Belvedere (at least, prior to its stabariffic bottle club days) come to mind but how about some lesser known venues?

(Photo courtesy of Evan)

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