Baltimore Public Works Museum to close

Ever wonder what lay beneath the streets of Baltimore? How does the water get into the house and the sewage get out?

The city will be searching for new ways to tell the story because the main museum dedicated to public works is closing.

Mid-year budget cuts in the city mean that the Baltimore Public Works Museum will close immediately, according to Public Works Director David E. Scott.

The museum on Eastern Avenue opened in 1982 and had about 8,000 annual visitors.

“This is a well thought out and regrettable decision, necessitated by the severe budget shortfalls facing the city and the agency,” Scott said in a statement.

The City faces a $127 million structural deficit for fiscal 2011. That's equal to the combined general fund budgets of the Departments of Health, Recreation and Parks, Housing and Libraries, or 1,700 police officer positions, according to Scott.

Five employees will lose their jobs. 

Funding had come from the departments of Public Works, Transportation and General Services, as well as private donors and grant programs.

Baltimore Sun file photo of a fire hydrant display at the museum/Chris Detrick 

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