Argentinian imbibation

From guest poster Alexander D. Mitchell IV:

So, whadaya think Sam's drinking down there, eh?

He seems like an all-around kind of drinker -- anything to get a buzz on or reduce the misery of listening to a particularly bad cover band, you might think. But again, if you're writing about drinking or nightlife, you can't drink to forget.

Editor's note: I think that last line is the best way anyone's ever described this job. So true.

Quilmes is the "national beer" of Argentina, for what it's worth; like most countries, the volume of the beer produced is usually in inverse proportion to its general quality.

Buenos Aires has at least three brewpubs: Bullers, in the Recoleta neighborhood of the city, Cossab, on the west side and Antares, in the Palermo neighborhood. Here's a blogpost of a pub crawl by two English-speaking tourists in Buenos Aires. ...

It's likely what would happen if I got stuck there.  (Hey, do any of us have any idea just WHY he's going there?)

Editor's note: Red meat, red wine ... steaks the size of a dinner plate, warm weather ... need I say more?

If any of you feel like drinking along with Sam in sympathy, there's one craft beer from Argentina available in Maryland (last I checked): Jerome beers from Potrerillos, Mendoza.

The beers are all around excellent, although not inexpensive. (This is not to be confused with the Jerome Brewery in the "ghost town" of Jerome, Arizona, which for a short while cranked out awful, extract-based beers which had much in common with Rocky Run Tap & Grill's short-lived fling with brewing in Columbia. The Jerome, Arizona place is now, thankfully, a wine bar, although a Belgian bistro is now just up the street).

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