A new twist (gasp) on the dreaded crab cake question


I didn't think anyone could possibly come up with a new crab cake question.

Actually, I thought no one would ever ask me any crab cake question except "Where can you get the best crab cakes in Baltimore?"

But Sherri has done it. She's asked a new restaurant crab cake question.

And it's one I can't answer: ...

I enjoy reading your restaurant reviews and Table Talk column in the Baltimore Sun. My husband has been searching for a restaurant that prepares crab cakes without mayonnaise. Are you aware of any restaurant that prepares a mayo-free crab cake?

The thing is, even if you came up with a mayonnaise-free crab cake, wouldn't it still contain all the ingredients that are in mayonnaise? That is, egg and oil? So what would be the advantage?

But I totally understand irrational likes and dislikes -- I have a few myself -- so maybe Sherri's husband just can't bear the thought of mayonnaise for some reason. It's not really a taste thing or an allergy. It's the gack factor.

In that case, maybe it would help him to find some restaurants that are making their crab cakes without mayonnaise.

I have no idea, but just off the top of my head, I would think restaurant kitchens would be going the other way. With the heightened worries over uncooked eggs (consider what's happened to the original Caesar salad dressing), it would make more sense to eliminate the raw egg in your crab cake recipe and up the amount of mayonnaise.

Then if the cake isn't cooked thoroughly all the way through, you don't have to worry.

Again, all this is guesswork on my part, so if anyone can answer Sherri's question with, you know, actual facts, please post below.

(Barbara Haddock Taylor/Sun photographer)

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