With baby names, Baltimore breaks the mold

According to the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, one of the most popular places to have a baby in the area, parents last year didn't follow the national trends so closely.

GBMC compared its names from 2009 to those reported to the parenting website BabyCenter.com.

Local moms and dads picked Mary more often than any other name last year (35 babies), but that name wasn't in the Top 100 nationally. It also didn't crack the Top 10 at GBMC in 2007 or 2008.

For boys at GBMC, William was tops (42 babies) for the second consecutive year, followed by Michael (39 babies).  Neither was in the Top 10 nationally. Michael ranked 18th while William was 27th.  None of the Top 10 boy’s names nationally were in GBMC’s Top 10 most popular.

"Picking a baby's name is a monumental decision, and the multitude of 'baby name' Web sites makes it hard to narrow a million choices down to one,” said Lori Kantziper, clinical partner for GBMC's Postpartum Unit and a nurse specializing in care for new mothers and infants, in a statement.

See the full Top 10 lists and other facts from GBMC here.

Associated Press photo of one of the first babies born in the United States in 2010, who was not yet named

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