Where to watch Sunday's game

Sunday afternoon, the Ravens will take on the Patriots in a playoff smackdown.

I can watch regular season games in the comfort of my own home. When it's playoff time, I've got to get up, get out and go to a sports bar. Or any bar. I look for somepleace with good deals and a whole bunch of fellow Ravens fans. 

In today's paper, I did a big roundup of some of the best places to watch the game.

Check it out.

Luckie's Tavern in Power Plant Live is offering one of the best deals: One lucky fan will win a seat on a VIP couch in front of a 15-foot HD screen, along with free beer and wings during the game. Snap! ...

Padonia Station (pictured), which is the go-to spot for many Ravens fans up in the county, expects to tear through 1,600 pounds of buffalo wings. Think about that for a second. 1,600 pounds. 

And, of course, the roundup wouldn't be complete without the other side: Don't Know Tavern, a Patriots bar, is giving out free shots to any Pats fans when the Patriots score a touchdown.

Win or lose, I'm just glad we get to see the Ravens play again.

If you've got any other great game day specials that aren't in my list, bring 'em on!

(Baltimore Sun photo by Elizabeth Malby)

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