What was your reaction when the Steelers' playoff chances ended?

I tried to think of a good baseball question for Tuesday. I really did.

I spent most of the day making phone calls attempting to drum up Orioles news and there just isn’t a whole lot going on. Or at least nothing more interesting than the first round of the NFL playoffs.

So I am dropping back into prevent defense (hey, it gives you your best chance to score in a bar).

Before we get going, I wanted to point out that Monday was Michael Stipe’s 50th birthday, so we have old-school R.E.M. jammed on the jukebox all day – though I did put the kibosh on “Shiny, Happy People.”

If you are both shiny and happy, there is probably another dive that suits you better.

Dull, gloomy and sarcastic fits us a whole lot better.

But I am here to brighten your Tuesday (because I know Everybody Hurts). In case you missed it, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t make the playoffs. In fact, the Ravens’ win quashed the Steelers’ chances.

I know that makes a lot of you feeling shiny and happy. But not all of you apparently.

In Monday’s discussion, patron Joe said he was bummed that the Steelers are already out. Here’s his line of thinking: “I wanted the Steelers in too. Not that I'm a Steelers fan, but they could have mowed down their half of the playoff field and met us again for the AFC championship, but in Baltimore this time. Would have been nice.”

Ravens fans hoping the Steelers get to the playoffs? To me, that’s The End Of The World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine).

That kind of thinking runs contrary to the beliefs of my son 10-year-old son, Alex, who goes to school with a host of Steelers’ fans. He actually was happier about the Steelers exit than he was the Ravens’ playoff inclusion.

He just couldn’t handle the Steelers winning it all again. Anything else involving the Ravens is gravy, he figures.

I would assume most people in here were relieved when the Steelers got punted (the majority of us have never moved beyond the fifth-grade mentality). But maybe not. Maybe you wanted the Steelers in so the Ravens could get sweet revenge.

At least that’s what Joe wanted. Is he out Nightswimming on an island?

Daily Think Special: What was your reaction when the Steelers’ season officially ended?

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