The review: Q Tonic

I did it.

I, Sam Sessa, tried Q Tonic

And, if I may say so myself, it was good. Great, even.

A couple weeks ago, I was a doubter. I thought artisanal tonic water was a silly notion, bought into by silly people. Q Tonic founder Jordan Silbert read my post and sent me a couple 6.8-ounce glass bottles of the stuff.

That's right -- glass bottles. Plastic is for pedestrian tonics.

After trying Q tonic -- both chilled in a glass by itself and in a gin and tonic with a lime wedge, I have to say, this is some top notch tonic water.

An incredibly smooth sipper, Q Tonic had none of the artificial aftertaste you get with typical tonics ...

That's probably because Q Tonic is made with all natural ingredients, including hand-picked quinine from the Peruvian Andes. It sounds so far-fetched. But when you think about it, there are plenty of super high-end liquors.

Dan Aykroyd markets a vodka that is filtered through diamonds. Why can't there be a high-end tonic too?

Though Q Tonic may go down easy, it's far from bland. At first sip, it's crisp with a slight bite. It also has a subtle sweetness that gradually sets in. Oh, and for the health-conscious, Q Tonic has less than half the calories of, say Schweppes, according to its Web site.

Can I see myself spending a few bucks more to pick up Q Tonic the next time I'm at the liquor store? Depends. If I'm sipping high-end gin with a couple close friends, yes. But not for parties, because that can get expensive quick.

One thing's for sure: The next time I'm out and about and see a cocktail made with Q Tonic, I'm ordering it. I'm looking at you, Mr. Rain's Fun House.

When it comes to sheer taste, Q Tonic easily bests any other tonic water I've ever tried. Q Tonic made my gin and tonic noticeably better, and I was tempted to drink Q Tonic in a glass by itself. It's that good.

(Photo of me trying Q Tonic by Midnight Sun aide Teresa)

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