Notes in advance of Longwood game

*So how (other than financially) does it help Longwood (4-14) to come into Comcast Center to face the Terps on Tuesday night? I asked coach Mike Gillian.

"We're trying to raise the profile of a program and an institution, and you can't buy this (publicity)," Gillian said. "It's very difficult for someone like us to win these games. But at some point we will win one of these. And then it (the benefit) will be immeasurable."

*I wrote my story for tomorrow's paper on Maryland's pressing defense, which requires that players be in top condition. Paul Ricci, the strength and conditioning coach, told me that freshmen have an adjustment to get to the conditioning level of the upperclassmen.

“With Jordan Williams and James (Padgett) you’ve got to try to do the best you can to get them to fit in, but there’s no way a freshman ‘big’ is going to be able to fit in with what (Greivis) Vasquez and Landon (Milbourne) do on a daily basis,” Ricci said. “They don’t have the understanding of what it takes to work hard consistently where you’re not going to be able to take plays off. You take a play off on a pressing defense, you’re going to get beat.”

Terps lead the ACC in turnover margin, by the way.

*Will Padgett start to get more playing time? Here's what Gary Williams said: "We need more rebounds and points from the inside positions. James has got to get in there. You have to have four (inside) guys ready to go. He’s got to show it."

Padgett played four minutes against Boston College and seven against Wake Forest in the game before that.

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