Not waiting for the homebuyer tax credit

Some of you have been waiting a long time for your $8,000 incentive from Uncle Sam to become a first-time homebuyer. But others report that the tax-credit money arrived speedily, or at least speedy-ish.

Wonk reader Derek reports that his refund check showed up in four weeks flat. "No problems whatsoever," he said.

Pete and Julie, who each bought in June -- separately, not together -- also each got their money in 10 to 12 weeks though they filed at different times.

Julie filed in November and received her $8,000 last week. "My check also included interest!" she commented. Pete, who got his paperwork in "days after closing," also received interest. It makes sense, he said, because he was amending the 2008 return he filed earlier in the year.

Andy said he filed at the end of July, got a letter in August asking for his HUD-1 statement (proof of purchase, essentially) and received the check in the middle of October. The interest added up to more than $100.

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