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Make your own spiked cider

In last week's City Paper, Michelle Gienow wrote about her (successful) attempt at brewing homemade hard cider.

Her piece is a great read, and makes me want to try it for myself -- except the part where I'd have to press my own. I'd rather just buy a jug from Weber's Farm.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

It turns out that fermenting your own hard cider is in the same category as home-brewing beer--unlike distillation (the making of actual moonshine), brewing is legal without a license so long as you don't sell your product. ...

It's also insanely easy: Basically, I poured a gallon of home-pressed cider into a ceramic crock, sprinkled some yeast on top, covered it and set it off to one side of the basement. Two weeks later, I had hard cider.

It seemed like a minor miracle: Though I don't think it would win any taste tests, my homemade hard cider was dry and crisp and very drinkable--plus it packed an undeniable alcoholic wallop. And it won't even make you go blind! 

I'm all about drinking delicious-sounding hard cider without going blind. I'll bet you are, too. I think I just might have to make some.

Great piece, Michelle!

(Baltimore Sun photo by Jerry Jackson)

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