Gino's burgers are making a comeback

Chowsearch had interesting news for me. Gino's is coming back in 2010.

We're not talking Troia but football great Gino Marchetti and his fast food burgers.

I find that particularly interesting given what we were talking about earlier and the current fascination with burgers. I wonder if that's because they're becoming the forbidden food.

Here's what Chowsearch e-mailed me: ...

Gino Marchetti, Ordell Braase and Johnny Unitas started restaurants and the Gino chain succeeded in franchising, sold to Marriott, now coming back, crucial part is Gino is still around, sounds like all the important grayhairs as well. This will meet pent-up Colts nostalgia. It was better than all other fast burgers except In-N-Out.

Here's its Web site. It amuses me that it will now be called Gino's Burgers & Chicken, considering it's going for the nostalgia thing. One thing I'm sure of, even though I have absolutely no memory of it: The original Gino's, founded in 1957, was too manly to have "chicken" in its name, even if it sold fried chicken.(Never grilled chicken, of course.)

Of course, someone will actually remember and tell me I'm wrong.

I really don't remember Gino's except as a name, but I did review Johnny Unitas' Golden Arm. Mr. Unitas came and sat at our table and recommended the chicken gordon blue.

Reading the Gino's history on the Web site, I was struck by two of the chain's innovations: It sold the first fast food triple decker burger and, even better, introduced the first fast food indoor seating in 1969. (Can that possibly be true?)

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