Ed needs our help

Midnight Sun reader Ed sent me an e-mail begging us for advice. He's celebrating his birthday Saturday, and he wanted to go on a tour of the Clipper City Brewery, but it's all booked up.

He writes:

Our nights out usually include hitting up area bars, making new friends, and gradually taking over places with a lethal combination of charm, good looks, loud conversation, and consumption.

What should Ed and his part of about 10 do? Where should they go?

My first suggestion doesn't involve drinking, but it is rather awesome, if I may say so myself ...

Believe it or not, there is still one Laser Tag warehouse still open in the area. It's out near Eastpoint Mall. That's always a possibility.

And, in keeping with the "activities" theme, I will also nominate paintball. A friend of mine had a bachelor party activity at this paintball spot, and it was a blast. That's more of a guy thing than a gal thing though, Ed.

As for drinking? Well, let me see here. 

There's always country line dancing at the Cancun Cantina. Yee-haw, Ed! Or you could go on a Fells Point Ghost Tour, which, I hear, are pretty cool. After the tour, you could stop into one of the many appetizing ale houses in the neighborhood. It also might be fun to go on the Fort Avenue Bar Crawl.

That's all I can think of for the moment. 

Anybody else got some suggestions?

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