Do you care if Brett Favre ever plays another NFL down?

Well, it’s official: The Colts and Saints in the Super Bowl.

I think those are probably the best teams in the NFL, so I am OK that they both survived for the big standoff.

We didn’t exactly have rousing participation in Prediction Friday -- when the Ravens go away, so does the enthusiasm in this place -- but of those who saddled up to the bar and tossed your prognostications into the tip jar -- Rich, Rob and Jack -- had the right winners, along with yours truly.

You all get free drink chips, and, in an executive decision, I’ll give the free tab to Jack for predicting a four-point Saints victory in the NFC title game. That was the hardest to pick.

I am sure many of you watched the Vikings-Saints game, and it was definitely a good one. Although it was surprising to think a bad Brett Favre decision may have cost them a chance at advancing.

Part of me loves the fact that a guy older than me is still a major factor in pro sports. But most of me thinks it is time for Favre to walk away. For him, sure, but really for the rest of us.

I don’t see it happening, though. I don’t see him wanting his last play to be a key interception. And he showed he can still play this game at a high level.

You know there will be plenty of talk over the next few months on Favre’s potential retirement (No. 3). We’ll do it once here and I promise we’ll move on. But let’s put our cynical Connolly’s take on it.

Daily Think Special: Do you care if Brett Favre ever plays another NFL down?

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