Are Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis the best of this NFL era?

With Saturday’s clash between the Ravens and Colts in Indy looming, an interesting question by my Sun colleague Kevin Van Valkenburg was tossed to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on Tuesday.

Are Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis the best offensive and defensive NFL players of this generation?

Harbaugh danced around it, saying he’d have to study all the great players of the past decade or so to make a comparison.

Me? Not so much. Not in this fine establishment, anyway.

I say yes and yes.

Manning gets serious competition from Brett Favre, who won three consecutive MVP trophies. But Manning has four, and my vote.

And, honestly, I think Lewis stands alone on the defensive side.

I assume you guys will have the same bias. But who knows?

There’s an occasional objective person in this place (at least before I summon the bouncer). Maybe some supporters of other teams will sneak in here – we still haven’t sprayed for Steelers fans this month.

Plus, I guess there could be a decent argument about what this “generation” or era is. For argument’s sake, I’ll say the past 15 years or so.

Daily Think Special: Are Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis the best of this generation?

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