Your intriguing drink of the day

In my four-ish years of covering nightlife, I've seen some pretty weird cocktails. But this one ranks high on my list.

It's called a Avocadotini, and you can find it at Aroma, a tapas restaurant in Olney. Yes, there is a tapas restaurant in Olney. (It's called Aroma.)

I'll bet you can guess at least two of the Avocadotini's ingredients -- avocado and vodka. But the other two threw me ...

Simple syrup and milk.

You can't see it, because you're not in the room with me, but my face just scrunched up into a grizzly grimace. This. Sounds. Awful.

Awfully intriguing, of course.

It costs $8, which, on the whole, is less than the average martini at a Baltimore martini bar.

But milk? And simple Syrup? And Avocado? And vodka? 

How ... intriguing ...

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