White House vegetable garden



It is a different kind of hoops at the White House, where President Obama regularly plays pick-up basketball with friends and aides.

Perhaps taking the advice from a young woman intern the Slow Food blog, the White House has put so-called hoop houses over the White House vegetable garden, to trap the heat of the sun and continue to grow crops all winter.

Emily Stephenson made the suggestion, and even included diagrams of how the hoop houses could best be installed.

And, sure enough, the hoops when up and then the coverings went on. (Not the plastic that is ordinarily used, but a bio-friendly fabric.)

Eddie Gehman Kohan, who does such an excellent job of keeping track of such things on the blog Obama Foodorama, says the White House is growing lettuces, cabbage, winter radishes, onions, broccoli, turnips and carrots, which will only add to the harvest already calculated to be more than 1,000 pounds.

The White House is located deep in Zone 7 so, barring terrible cold, the garden should remain warm, cozy and productive in its sunny spot on the South Lawn.

A hoop house is actually much larger that what the White House has installed, which might more correctly be called row covers. You can actually walk inside a real hoop house and tend plants on tables.

But these row covers can easily be flipped off for weeding, watering or harvesting.

Photos courtesy of Obama Foodorama

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