What was the most frustrating part of Sunday's loss to the Steelers?

I’ve heard head coaches and managers talk about team wins before.

Sunday’s Ravens’ deflating defeat to the Steelers was a team loss. Just how many Ravens’ made individual mistakes that contributed to the downfall? Once I got to 10, I think I lost count (it was too cold to pull off my shoes and keep counting).

If you are a true Ravens’ fan, you should have at least three welts on your head Monday morning -- from banging your head against the wall (bar, coffee table, etc.) with each Ravens’ potential turning point that wasn’t. Some of you probably look like you ran into a bee hive with a honey-flavored ski cap.

For the record, I am giving the free bar tab to Sizemo, who predicted a 30-27 Steelers win. Most who predicted Steelers had them in a blowout.

Frank gets a free drink chip for having the right score, 23-20; he just flipped the outcome.

Here’s my question: Which part of Sunday’s frustrating contest frustrated you the most?

My answer: Derrick Mason’s dropped catch in the end zone. Yes, that stuff happens. But it normally doesn’t happen to Mason. And it shouldn’t happen for a team’s go-to veteran -- a guy who makes that catch 99 times out of 100.

That 100th time was a killer, though.

You have plenty to choose from in a such a head-shaking loss: Terrell Suggs’ boneheaded block, Frank Walker’s mugging at the end of the game. You name it. Literally. I want you to name it.

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