I've been waiting since last Shallow Thought Wednesday to find out about the four ounces of Uganda Gold bourbon vanilla beans. Guest poster John Lindner never fails to come through. EL

Homemade vanilla extract is a wonderful thing. Easy to make. Festive. Lasts forever. And it is, most significantly, vanilla — Wisdom’s chocolate.

It’s also a great co-worker Christmas gift: handmade, homey, 80 proof. ...

From Internet suppliers, I secured a quarter pound of Uganda Gold bourbon vanilla beans and a couple dozen four-ounce corked bottles.

A nearby spiritsmonger provided three liters of Sobieski (not bad for vodka).

I slit each bean lengthwise and folded them so they’d fit in the bottles.

Add vodka. Wait a couple of months (though they become aromatic in a few days).

I call it Vodnilla. My Personal Art Director fashioned the Vodnilla label and tied one to each bottle. (Thanks, Bon!)

I distributed them to co-workers.

Happiness ensued.

Merry Christmas.

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