The (unpublished) comment of the week

Back when I posted about how it's not cool to send in evil/wicked/nasty/eviler comments, I never expected people to stop sending them in. I just stopped posting them. 

Then I got this comment from someone named Carl. It's so bogusly negative, I kind of want to publish it. Not under the original thread about DuClaw closing, but here, where it can get the attention it deserves ...

I think this blog is just a [female dog] and bash billboard. The comment from Brad is the only good thing I've read about any post topic I've seen so far.

This must be where all the losers and un-achievers hang out.

Sorry to have stumbled across it. I won't be back.

I'm sorry too, Carl. Because we'll certainly miss your positive presence here at Midnight Sun.

Cheerio then!

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