The trendy noodle bowl at modern American restaurants

I got what I thought was a very astute observation from Trip Klaus recently. He has three examples of what he calls the Momofuku-ing of inventive restaurants.

He knows the secret: If you have three of them, it must be a trend.

And I bet there are more than three. In other words, I think it's a legitimate trend.

By the way, be sure to stop by Sam's Kid in Fells Point and order one of its noodle bowls before my review appears Sunday.

Here's Trip Klaus: ...

With today's temps I was thinking about what I find to be a new trend among "Modern American" restaurants. Call it the Momofuku-ing of inventive restaurants: noodle bowls.
Brewer's Art has a shrimp-based noodle bowl, Jack's Bistro a pork-based and Wine Market a lobster bowl. It seems that many "forward thinking" chefs are obsessed with mixing in these bowls with their otherwise incongruous menus. I expect even more like Salt Tavern will follow.
Just a thought.

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